Ten Ways To Talk About You On Your Blog

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If you find you are struggling for ideas for your business blog posts sometimes, here’s some ideal content that will show current and potential customers information about your business (I think we often forget to tell people about ourselves) and show that you are thinking locally as well as globally.  While I urge people to also blog about their customers needs’ for the products or services rather than describing the products, it is important to give an insight into your business too. Here’s some ways to do it:

  1.  A Day in the life of our business – show them what a normal working day is like to help them relate to you.
  2. Something you would never guess about our business
  3. Story behind our business (how it was formed, how long it has been a family business, a funny story, or a success story)
  4. Favourite quote from our business and how it forms our motto
  5. What our business achieved this month (but make it newsworthy e.g. winning an award)
  6. Statistic connected to our industry (particularly if impressive or shocking)
  7. Favourite customer/testimonial of the week
  8. Our ‘Top Staff Member’ of the month (Photos with reasons why)
  9. What does X mean for our town?
  10. How the export of our product (and similar) affects our economy in a positive way.

While not every blog post should be about your own business, it is a good idea to include them in your editorial planning. Now to work out which of them we’ll write about ourselves for next week ;)

Off to the blog awards launch in Dublin tonight!

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  • http://www.greensideup.ie dee sewell

    So glad I spotted this post as will help with bloggers block too. Some good ideas for posts to slot in now and again, thanks Lorna.

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