Blog Action Day – The Power of We

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The Power of We is the theme for this year’s Blog Action Day and what better topic to choose for a blog post just a couple of days after the blog awards event.

It went swimmingly and you can read all about our teamwork and the wonderful support we received from many in the Irish blogging community over there, as well as see some of the photos.

When I first decided, in 2011, that perhaps I could teach people how to blog and offer my services as a ghost writer, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to achieve it along – not with a family, a farm, another business and everything else life seems to throw at one.  Running a business singlehandedly is tough on a day to day basis but all the more difficult if you become ill for a week and have no one to depend on and I really wanted someone to bounce ideas off too.

I was delighted when Marie and I set up Write on Track, we both have busy weeks with other things when one of us says to the other, ‘can you cover the blog this week’, or can you do such and such?’  It’s what good teamwork is all about and being able to bounce ideas off each other means that the only thing stopping those ideas coming to fruition is limited time.

We started this business intending to do ghost writing and perhaps some teaching.  I hadn’t realised I was known as the ‘queen of blogging’ around Carlow and once I announced I was available to teach social media, I was receiving bookings and was being asked to speak at events and conferences. We are now teaching for more enterprise boards and Marie is being invited to speak at international conferences.

I’ve been working with Marie now for about 18 months and with Beatrice & Amanda for a year on the blog awards.  I remember being shocked about a year ago when at a women in business launch, a speaker said she didn’t like employing women as they can be so bitchy (talk about saying it to the wrong audience!). That lady couldn’t have got it more wrong. Working with like-minded, practical, down to earth, intelligent, warm, supportive women creates a team like no other, a team that gets things done. Our volunteers were mostly women too with the occasional man – a wonderful team that really got things done.  As I once overheard ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person!’.

A group of well-intentioned, purposeful and enthusiastic can achieve anything – all with .the power of we’.  We have great plans for 2013 and we’ll be sharing details of those with you soon. What are you planning to take on for 2013 with another person or other people?


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