6 Advantages of Curated Content

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Do you read lots of blog posts about a particular topic or theme? Are you reading them to stay abreast of what is going on or perhaps you like to stay updated for enjoyment? Have you considered writing a curated post to share your learning with your readers?

Why curated posts are a good idea:

6 Advantages for Curating Content 1. Expertise

By adding your own perspective to the content that you share, you are establishing yourself as an expert in that area. You become an acknowledged thought leader in your niche and you become more credible too.

2. Convenience

It is hugely convenient for your readers / clients especially if they don’t have the time to source the best or newest articles. It can be convenient for you too as a means to bookmark your favourite finds. You’re finding content that is of interest to your target market and presenting it in an easy-to-digest format.

As a self-published author, I like to find useful information about writing, editing and self-publishing but I don’t necessarily have the time to seek them out on top of all my other reading. Not only do I find the weekly curated posts on The TBR Pile interesting and useful, I look forward to reading them each weekend too. The curated posts on the social media and business blog Tweak Your Biz are always immensely useful too. I always pour myself a large cup of tea and settle down for half an hour of reading.

3. Learning

You will find that your knowledge will increase vastly, you’ll be reading more posts as you’ll want to share the best with your readers. Your “finger will be on the pulse”.

4. Time-Saving

Curating content will save you time. Once you get into the habit of writing curated posts and as long as you bookmark the best posts as you find them, it can be a relatively quick post to write up.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

As the content you create will be very focused on a particular topic each week, for example, self-publishing and editing, the search engines not only pick up your content as fresh and separate information but it should also contain highly searched keywords.

6. Social Sharing

Writers, bloggers, business people, authors, they will all appreciate having their blog posts included within your curated post and are very likely to share your content on their social media platforms too, thereby growing your audience.


It’s best to use content from a wide variety of sources. Subscribing to a large number of blogs on Feedly means it is easy to check through the headlines and first lines on a daily basis to find the best content. While it may appear that writing a curated post is just a case of adding relevant links to a blog post, it’s actually more detailed than that. A good curated post will either summarise the main point of a “good read” or will simply state why it should be read, what we will learn from reading it.

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  • http://www.greensideup.ie Dee Sewell

    I’ve been meaning to write a curated post for a while in connection with a course I’ve recently finished. You’ve just reminded me about it! I even dm’d twitter links to myself so I could find them again. Will add it to my December list, thanks :)

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