How To Blog: How To Edit Photo Size When Uploading Photos

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Do you sometimes find that you are uploading a photo to your blog post and the sizes available are either too small or too large? (You can set a maximum size for your blogging platforms but that’s another post). Perhaps you took a screen shot and it just isn’t going to fit into the blog post.

Sometimes the medium size is approx 300 wide and the large size is 1000 pixels wide whereas you know that the best size for this particular image is going to be approx 600 wide.  Rather than spending time resizing it on a photo manipulation software, upload the photograph in the large size.

Click on the photo so the edit button appears. The button on the left is ‘edit’, the button on the right is ‘delete’.

You can then select by what percentage you would like the photo to be, e.g. if the photo is approx 1000 pixels wide and you would like it to be 600 wide, opt for the 60% option and save changes.

You can also edit the size of the photo when you are uploading it.

Click on ‘ edit photo’ under the photo (once it has been uploaded in the uploader) and you can insert the dimensions on the right hand side by clicking on scale image’ and click ‘scale’ to save it. It also gives you the option to rotate photos or change landscape to portrait etc.

Wondering how to blog more quickly – using this technique cuts down on a lot of time in photo editing. I hope you found this tip useful.

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